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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love that is most often associated with romance. But the truth is that Valentine’s Day is also a lot of fun for kids too. From exchanging valentines at school, to those tasty cinnamon hearts, there are a lot of great traditional ways that kids get to celebrate this holiday. But of course, you parents will also want to take some time to enjoy Valentine’s Day for yourselves. Here are a few fun ideas on how to celebrate both!


Make a Meal…. for Each Other
There’s nothing nicer than having a great meal lovingly prepared for you by that special someone in your life. Why not each make a meal so you can both enjoy the experience? One person can take breakfast and the other can take dinner, and you can both have a delicious, memorable Valentine’s Day meal.

Get a Couples Massage
A couples massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience that will put you both in a great mood for your special night out. There are a number of great options for both in-home and in-studio registered massage therapists in the Market District neighbourhood, so find one that you love, and don’t forget to ask about Valentine’s specials!

Romantic Movie Night
Sometimes the nicest treat on a special occasion is to just spend a little time unwinding at home. Why not pick a few of your favourite rom-coms on Netflix, order take out and remember that true love means never having to change out of your sweatpants!


Make or bake your own Valentines
Making valentines is of course the classic Valentine’s Day kids activity. Whether you want to bake some special Valentine’s Day cookies for them to share with the class, or just make some beautiful valentines to share with one another, this is a great way to celebrate the day with your little bundles of love.

Write Family “Love” Letters
Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to get your kids to reflect on their feelings and share them with each other. Getting siblings to write “love” letters, telling them why they are important to one another, can be a great way to enhance family bonding, empathy and communication.

Tell Them Your Own True Love Story
Sharing with your children the story of how you met your partner can give them a better insight of what to expect when they get older, and it is a nice opportunity for you and your partner to relive the early days of your romance.

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